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Competition Reviews

The most recent Competition/Convention reviews:

  • We had a great experience at PAC this 2024 season! The staff was very professional and great with our kids. Our teachers had a very positive experience navigating the venue, backstage check in, communication, etc. We will be back!

  • What a wonderful experience! The program was quick and on schedule and the staff was awesome! I really appreciated that your staff helped work around my senior dancer's difficult schedules. We will get back!

  • The staff is incredible. They were so kind, professional, and truly cared so much about the dancers. We had the best experience and will definitely be going back!

  • This competition has a huge problem and it is called the BUZZER. It adds pressure to the girls and the studio owners. Quite frankly the vast majority of the dances getting the buzzer do not deserve it. If you’re a good dancer but you go right after a dance they like for the buzzer then you know you will not be getting that buzzer. The judges in this comp let you know clearly when they have a favorite dancer and when you are very disliked. When they have a favorite dancer they post this person everywhere on social media, give them the buzzer, first in category, special awards, etc and then for someone who danced great and didn’t get the buzzer then tough luck you get nothing versus regular competitions where others get a chance to shine with at least a special judges award and a top overall. It’s very disappointing, these girls train so hard everyday, parents pay so much to go to a competition where the judges are so unreasonable and biased.

  • We were so excited to try Groove for the first time. It was our first comp of the season which is never our “best”, so of course we keep an open mind with judging and scoring. This is the most important thing for us as a studio. You can have the best merch, nice gifts for studio owners, be 2 hours early, but if the judging, scoring, and critiques seem off then we don’t want anything to do with it. Unfortunately, after seeing bigger studios consistently being the only ones that placed in the Top 3, we realized there were way more politics involved than we’d hoped. After many of my parents and teachers noticed, we read other reviews which proved our theories correct. We then received our critiques and they were slim to NONE. We got about 3 critiques from each judge…THREE. But then we didn’t place high? If we’re only getting 3 critiques, then I’m assuming my kids did AMAZING! There were 2 male judges and (to no one’s surprise) ANY dance with a male dancer, won. Did not matter how they performed, that dance won. The photos cut off after about a minute into the dance. No ending pose photos. Pricing is INSANELY high compared to all other comps we attend. The awards are also these huge circles and that’s just a personal opinion that they’re unnecessary and no way to aesthetically display in a studio. Needless to say, if you’re taking under 30 dances, don’t have any male dancers, and actually care about good critiques to improve your dancers and choreography, don’t bother attending Groove.

  • We had a great time at Fly! This was our first time attending, and we hope to compete with them again in the future! A studio scratched which changed the schedule, but the staff was very supportive and helped things run smoothly regardless of the change. We also loved the improv competition!

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Vendor Reviews

The most recent Vendor reviews:

  • Dream Duffle has everything you need for competition season. Everything I have purchased from Dream Duffle is high quality. The customer service is wonderful and the shipping is super fast. I’m so happy I have found dream duffel!

  • Beautiful costumes that fit my girls well!

  • Affordable dancewear and accessories.

  • These are our favorite ballet slippers and tights!!!

  • Beautiful costumes and always fit my girls well!

  • Our large white sparkle changing station is my oldest daughters favorite bag! She loves the built in rack and curtain. This duffle was a lifesaver once she added on more competition classes and dances. It wheels in so easily too!