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Competition Reviews

The most recent Competition/Convention reviews:

  • Is NO STARS a choice? THE WORST competition !!! Poorly run, Judging is all over the place. Quite a bit of studio favoritism because we later found out that the owner of the competition brings her OWN studio to her competitions!!! So we are competiting against a studio who PAYS the judges to judge the competition!! RIDICULOUS!! We will NOT GO BACK! And I will tell everyone I know not to waste thier money!

  • After reading all the negative reviews, I'm left wondering why this competition is still operating. Then I realized that they're operating because they cater to the dance studios more so than the dancers and parents. BY NOT PUBLISHING THE COMPETITION/REGISTRATION FEES, dance studios have the opportunity to collect a HUGE STIMULUS CHECK after each competition! This is their incentive to re-register every year, sometimes multiple times per year! BY NOT PUBLISHING THE COMPETITION/REGISTRATION FEES, dance studios are allowed and encouraged (by SQ) to inflate the fees, taking home a little extra for themselves. Where is the transparency SQ? Where is the integrity SQ?

  • Hi Everyone! Dropping in to rave about FlyDance! We recently hosted them for an in-studio convention and we had a tremendously positive experience! It was all of the benefits of a dance convention but without the over crowded ballroom. Our students and parents were beyond happy with the experience. The loved the one-on-one attention they were able to get from the instructors. Speaking of instructors......Chris Wendhorff and Karina Browne were INCREDIBLE. I truly cannot say enough great things about them! We've already booked for next year and our students are adamant that they return as our instructors. As part of our experience we were able to get live feedback on our competition dances for this season. It was worth its weight in gold for our students to hear straight from experienced judges. They had insightful and useful feedback and the kids are eager to put their advice and critiques into action. If you're looking for a top notch event to host at your studio we 10/10 recommend hosting a FlyDance Convention!!

  • Very crowded convention, scholarship and awards were only given to the kids who have been attending them since they were minis and studios who have been coming for years. If you are the only kid representing your studio at comp or convention - forget about placing or getting recognized. The same 3 or 4 studios placed in top 10 overall even though there were more deserving dancers but they brought the money so they were awarded. The teaching at the convention was challenging but good.

  • My daughter has been attending celebrity conventions and competitions for the past 3 years, since 5 years old. This has always been a positive environment, great teachers and content. My daughter loves the special attention to detail from the pink carpet, backdrops for pics, check in bracelets to being provided with lunch. No other convention or competition does this. Their trophies change and they keep it new and fresh. I know my money is always well spent at Celebrity!

  • We have attended this convention 4 yrs total with the exception of 2020 since they cancelled due to Covid. We absolutely loved this convention from the start and it was definitely one of our favorites to attend. No more! I have no idea what happened this year in Charlotte. The rooms were so packed the kids could barely move. To top that off, they were constantly being told to space out and yelled at by the cheer teacher and the jazz teacher. Where on earth were they supposed to go when they were piled in like sardines on top of each other? I witnessed multiple kids getting kicked. The lyrical teacher Jim taught the same combo that he taught a few years ago at Epic. What???? The hip hop teacher taught some jazz combo instead of hip hop. The end was the biggest disappointment of all as the teachers were only allowed to hand out two scholarships when there were 3 rooms total for each group. How cheap can you get Epic? This was by far the worst Epic convention ever and we will never return after this year. Save your money! My guess is they were trying to recoup from their loss last year. Sad sad sad!

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Vendor Reviews

The most recent Vendor reviews:

  • Nick Curry Graphics was an absolute pleasure to work with. Nick created our Dance Competition logos and Ads. We gave him an idea of what we wanted and he brought it life. His designs were so amazing and creative that we could not decide on just one so we used both. He made any updates needed quickly and always responded to emails and calls. We look forward to working with Nick again. Backstage Competition

  • Jennifer is attentive and thoroughly understands all the important aspects of what parents, students and teachers need in a great venue. She helps us find the best places so we can truly give everyone the best experience possible. Thx Jenn!

  • I can't say enough about Jennifer Mobley and her team at Conference Direct. They are absolutely amazing to work with. Very responsive, professional and committed to their clients. I would highly recommend their services.

  • I have been working with Jennifer for some time now and she is truly one of a kind. She is extremely hardworking and very professional. It is always a pleasure to call her and it is a great feeling to know that any problem we may have Jennifer and her team have our back. I would highly recommend.

  • I have used ConferenceDirect for the pass two year. The service is top notch! I have gotten some great deals on hotels as well as meeting spaces. I highly recommend Jen and her team. You won't be dissapointed!

  • Jennifer is one of a kind. In the BEST way. Ever since the day we started to chat about her business I felt at peace. She has helped not only our company, but myself in many ways. She always is there for a quick call or text at any given moment & is very quick to get things "fixed" in any way she needs to! I have worked with Jennifer for a few years now and I couldn't see myself working with anyone else in the future. She truly is a joy. If you need any assistance with Hotels, Venues and or life troubles, she is the one to call! Very prompt! Quick shout out to JM for all you do!