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Competition Reviews

The most recent Competition/Convention reviews:

  • Probably the worst competition I’ve been to in the last five years. Judges are biased. It’s like one or two studios won everything when they were just ok. I feel like if someone dances for Mr. or Miss whatever, they automatically score higher. I guess we didn’t pay enough to be scored high even though we were fantastic and always place high at other competitions.

  • We recently attended FLY dance competition in Las Vegas. I really thought this competition was great!! We had a great experience. The staff, judges, and emcees were all super professional and supportive. I was very impressed with the judges. I felt like they judged fairly and respected all genres of dance, not just their favorites. Many different genres of dance placed, whereas at some other competitions one or two genres seemed to score better. Our favorite part of the competition was the Improv competition. It was so much fun and a real crowd pleaser! Even my husband had fun ( who despises dance competitions). Thanks FLY for an entertaining Mother’s Day weekend!!!!

  • Just competed this weekend with Starz. We are a very small studio. Our girls had fun but our scores seemed much lower then any competition this season. :( All other studios walked away with at least one judges award- we got none. My older girls were discouraged, I was too to be honest. We will probably not return sadly. The staff was so kind, and so were all the other kids we came across. I guess it just wasn’t our day. Just a sad way to end our season.

  • We went several years ago and had an OK experience but we decided to try again this year after seeing a lot of talk on FB and wow...we LOVE Inferno. Most of all, the staff was so positive and energetic. My dancers had the best time with them. They also recognize sportsmanship and artistry very highly which we are all about. Comp ran on time (often ahead) and communication was clear. The awards are beautiful and even though my dancers didn't place highly, I feel we were still recognized for our strengths. Will definitely be going back next year.

  • Inferno has really stepped up their game this year! You can tell they have taken the time to listen to what clients wanted and have made their comps such an incredible experience! We LOVED everything from the atmosphere, staff, energy, awards, activities-seriously everything! At least from a parent and dancer perspective, we can't WAIT to go back next year!!

  • We just recently attended Starbound & it was a GREAT experience. Our dancers had such a awesome time & the staff made them feel welcome & didn’t rush them during quick changes. The staff were super friendly & made the weekend so much fun. The awards ceremony was exciting & made all studios feel included & especially acknowledged all graduating Seniors who had a special moment on stage together. The judges were fully engaged & gave helpful critiques during each performance. Thank you Starbound for a great event, we’ll definitely return to your competition!

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Vendor Reviews

The most recent Vendor reviews:

  • Nick Curry Graphics was an absolute pleasure to work with. Nick created our Dance Competition logos and Ads. We gave him an idea of what we wanted and he brought it life. His designs were so amazing and creative that we could not decide on just one so we used both. He made any updates needed quickly and always responded to emails and calls. We look forward to working with Nick again. Backstage Competition

  • Jennifer is attentive and thoroughly understands all the important aspects of what parents, students and teachers need in a great venue. She helps us find the best places so we can truly give everyone the best experience possible. Thx Jenn!

  • I can't say enough about Jennifer Mobley and her team at Conference Direct. They are absolutely amazing to work with. Very responsive, professional and committed to their clients. I would highly recommend their services.

  • I have been working with Jennifer for some time now and she is truly one of a kind. She is extremely hardworking and very professional. It is always a pleasure to call her and it is a great feeling to know that any problem we may have Jennifer and her team have our back. I would highly recommend.

  • I have used ConferenceDirect for the pass two year. The service is top notch! I have gotten some great deals on hotels as well as meeting spaces. I highly recommend Jen and her team. You won't be dissapointed!

  • Jennifer is one of a kind. In the BEST way. Ever since the day we started to chat about her business I felt at peace. She has helped not only our company, but myself in many ways. She always is there for a quick call or text at any given moment & is very quick to get things "fixed" in any way she needs to! I have worked with Jennifer for a few years now and I couldn't see myself working with anyone else in the future. She truly is a joy. If you need any assistance with Hotels, Venues and or life troubles, she is the one to call! Very prompt! Quick shout out to JM for all you do!