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  • 333 Adelaide St East Suite 1008
  • Toronto, ON ,CA

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Jul 04 2018

Lots of great aspects of this comp..venue is spacious, directors are lovely; organized and friendly with kids and parents, schedule is available and it runs smoothly and on time. Judges are fine. At most comps I can see what the judges see and results usually bear that out. There are a few surprising outcomes at this one which is frustrating at times. I think all comps however should be up front about cost of entry fees, that applies to this comp too. The culture that surrounds dance of 'don't talk, don't question..just pay the bills and be quiet' is tiresome. This comp could take the lead..heck..even the pizza place wants me to evaluate my experience. Dance comps and dance studios should not be afraid of public feedback. Ask parents what they think. Ask dancers what they think. Take those thoughts and ignore, modify, commnicate, educate or change as needed. This comp uses social media effectively and they are confident and capable enough that they could take the lead in the dance comp community in terms of opening up dialogue with families.

Venue : 5
Judging : 3
Staff : 5
Awards : 4
Communication : 5
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