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Jul 30 2014

This competition had its first event on June 27-28, 2014 at the York Expo Center in York, PA. It was extremely unorganized and unprofessional. They did not bring in stage flooring, instead had a very thin marley over concrete covered with linoleum. They didn\'t seem to follow any of their own rules. No one connected to the event could answer questions except the owner himself. Rule on wristbands, just completely ignored. No video; videographer unavailable at last minute. Event photographers looked very unprofessional and were using cameras sold for personal use. Rule on parents taking photos ignored. Very few metal folding chairs were provided, but they did tell us we could bring in our own camp chairs. Workshops were on the agenda, however the ones provided were only appropriate for older teenagers. The younger ones were permitted to bounce around in the mix. One studio in particular had the most entries and appeared to have a connection (familial or friendship) with the owner and others working at the venue. This same studio had a number of people competing solos in 19+ and rumor was that they were teachers. There was a rule on averaging ages that said the oldest person in a group could only drop down one age category. That was ignored. Categories were forgotten when the schedule was first handed out, put back on, but then forgotten at awards. Owner said it didn\'t matter cause the groups in them were the only ones in the categories, in front of the kids. There was only one award ceremony 2 hrs after last competitor. Old fashioned paper score sheets added by hand. They called all the Jazz solo, duo, trios back up to return their awards & had a re-do. More but this review is already too long.

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